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Re-stringing Service

Re-stringing plays a major part in the modern day game. Playing with older strings not only affect the feel of your shots but also a loss of tension over time which can affect the overall performance of your racquet. 


Upon purchase your racquet will be delivered to you strung. However if you would like your racquet re-strung specifically, we are able to do so to the customers liking in addition to your purchase. There are many types of string from softer strings for feel and comfort, to harder strings for durabilty and power.

Any questions about stringing? Our expert technicians can guide you through the queries of stringing, making sure you are playing with the right strings accustomed to your game. If you would like your racquet strung in addition to your purchase, please contact our store for details.

Higher purchases maybe entitled to a free re-string. Contact for details.


Our price structure is below: (this is approximate costs so please confirm price in store)

                  Tennis                                                            Squash                                                Badminton

                                                                                                                                               Ashaway Rally 21 - £20

Pro Kennex Super Spin - £20                                                                                 Karakal Hot Zone £20-£24

Head Syn Gut                 £22                          Karakal Hot Zone - £20-£25

Pro Kennex Expert TX - £24                       Wilson Sensation Strike - £20         Yonex - £22-£25

Pro Kennex IQ Poly X - £22                        Ashaway SuperNick XL - £2

Wilson Sensation - £26                                Pro Kennex Syn Touch - £24                    

Babolat Hurricane Tour - £26                    Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro - £25   

Luxilon Alu Power - £28                              Ashaway UltraNick - £25                                 

Luxilon Alu Rough - £28                              Technifibre 305 - £25                    

Babolat RPM Blast - £28


Hybrid Tennis

Hurricane Tour / Synthetic Gut - £22

Hurricane Tour / Expert TX - £24

Hurricane Tour / Sensation - £25

IQ Poly / Synthetic Gut - £22                             Own string from £16 per racquet

IQ Poly / Expert TX - £22

IQ Poly / Sensation - £25

Luxilon / Synthetic Gut - £24                            Re - Gripping £2 + cost of grip

Luxilon / Expert TX - £25

Luxilon / Sensation - £28

RPM / Synthetic Gut - £25

RPM / Expert TX Head Syn Gut - £25

RPM / Sensation - £28

Same day stringing - £5 (subject to availability

Local? You can also drop your racquet to our store directly. Our on-site stringing service usually takes 48-72 hours but can also offer on the day stringing for a small fee (subject to availability). We also keep your stringing record for future Re-strings.


The Racquet Academy, 

3 Sevenoaks Road,




TN14 5PB


Opening times

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Call: 01959 525441


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