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255g light racket for power, control and spin.

Colour: Lime Green

Yonex EZONE Feel is the lightest racket in the EZONE range and offers a fine balance of power and control with added spin in an easy-to-handle frame. Next generation Nano-technology materials give it power and stability to perform well from all parts of the court. With the isometric head, this racket is very forgiving, even on off-centre hits and is a great tool to build consistency on all shots.


At 255g, the EZONE Feel range has always been very popular with juniors as it gives them a perfect transition from a junior racket, offering them similar weight but more speed on their shots. Ladies and beginners will also benefit from its light-weight and medium sized head but it would appeal to anybody looking for a manoeuvrable frame.

Yonez Ezone Feel

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