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We know the design, don't we? That's right! The Pro Staff 97 V13 from Wilson pays tribute to the historic Pro Staff series and reuses the ingenious design. Fans of the Pro Staff series will probably immediately recognize the red and yellow pinstripes along the neck, reminiscent of the iconic series from back in the day. But that's not all the Pro Staff convinces with. The new Braid 45 construction provides perfect precision as the double braided fast provides better feel and stability. And the Staff 97 gets even more updates. So include a denser stringbed and a new end cap, which once again promises more consistency on every stroke and provides more comfort and ergonomics. The Pro Staff 97 V13 is the perfect total package!



  • Collection                        Wilson - Pro Staff
  • Product type                  Tennis rackets
  • Sub product type         Tour racket
  • 1st Colour                         black
  • Head size (cm²)             626
  • Weight unstrung          315g
  • Length (mm)                  685
  • CollectionWilson          Pro Staff
  • Balance (mm)                310





Wilson Pro Staff 97

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