These scientifically developed pads precisely control and optimize the delivery of electrical currents over the surface of the electrode. This gives you enhanced pain relief and recovery benefits whilst improving comfort and mobility.

The groundbreaking technology that goes into every PainPod Made in the USA PREMIUM PADS makes them the best quality stimulation pads of their type available anywhere in world.


Materials critical to the PainPod Premium Pads design:

  • ‍Bottom snap chosen to match the impedance of the silver Pattern.
  • Proprietary silver mixture and grid pattern produce the desired current control.
  • The areas between the lines of the silver grid pattern are calculated to fill in gaps creating efficient current control.
  • Enhanced pain relief, recovery and muscle strengthening through more precise and even distribution of electrical currents to the target area.
  • Improved comfort through increased pad flexibility and a unique, scientifically develop grid pattern that eliminates any potential “sting” or hotspots (perfect for higher intensity treatments).
  • Better mobility whilst using your PainPod due to the application of advanced adhesive gel and more flexible pad design.

PainPod Pads