The lightweight Pure Aero Super Lite (255g) offers the same frame geometry as the standard Pure Aero version but at a highly reduced weight that is very popular with advanced junior players that are transitioning to full length frames. This racquet is perfect advanced junior players seeking the performance of a premium frame at a more manageable weight point. This racquet also suits adult players seeking a racquet that offers fantastic power and spin in a manoeuvrable weight that favours quick topspin orientated movements.

It’s a new era in the Pure Aero legacy! The redesigned and re-engineered 2019 Pure Aero is finally here. The updated Pure Aero features more control plus a better feel but keeps its tradition of power and spin! This racquet is great for players who use spin as their weapon of choice to dominate the court like the style of game Rafael Nadal has perfected over the last 15 years with his Pure Aero.

The 2019 Pure Aero technology:

  • Aeromodular Technology: Updated aerodynamic frame with an optimised design for increased racquet head speed.
  • FSI Spin: Open string pattern with oblong shaped grommets to generate more spin.
  • Cortex Pure Feel: Better vibration damping thanks to new material powered by SMAC integrated in the graphite at 3 and 9 o'clock that provides an exceptional feel.
  • Carbon Ply Stabiliser: Superior stability for increased precision thanks to a new generation of high-performance carbon fibres developed by Chomarat added in the core of the racquet.

Babolat Pure Aero Super Lite