The Babolat Drive G packs a lot of punch into a lightweight frame, catering to beginner and recreational players looking for a solid racket at a value price. This racket features Babolat’s Woofer Grommet system— Babolat’s time-tested technology used in premium performance frames to give the stringed more power and comfort. Players looking for a fast swinging racket with a forgiving feel will find a good match with this racket. With a 660cm² head, the racket gives players access to a larger sweetspot and less margin for error, as well as more power and comfort than conventional midplus rackets. The larger head size will also give players more confidence at net, and the fast and stable feel of the frame will enable players to efficiently close out points. All in all, this is a very user-friendly racket that will provide beginner and recreational players with good access to controllable power and comfort.

Babolat Drive G 270g

Grip Size

    "If you look at me not as someone to emulate, but someone to one day eclipse" 

           Roger Federer

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