Junior Tennis Racquets

When it comes to Junior Racquets it is vital that you are playing with the appropriate

size for your age. Here at The Racquet Academy, we make it easy to identify which size of

racquets are correct for you. Simply follow the chart below to identify your racquet size.:


AGE                     HEIGHT (cm’s)             RACQUET LENGTH

      Up to 4                           Up to 88                                     19”

        4 – 7                               89 – 110                                     21”

        7 – 8                              111 – 127                                     23”

        8 – 10                            128 – 142                                    25”

       10 – 11                            143 - 158                                    26”

       11+ (Adult)                      159+ (Adult)                               27” (Adult)

Please note that the chart acts as a reference and juniors may differ from their recommended racquet length. Some juniors will naturally develop quicker and taller than usual. In these cases it is more important to take the juniors height and active playing time into consideration. For any help and advice Contact us.


Choose from the relevant heights below to look at our extensive range of Tennis Racquets. Or please feel free to call 01959 525441 to make a booking with one of our Specialists in-store.

For Juniors aged 11+ seeking more power, stability and comfort. These full graphite racquets will give ultimate performance and feel for the developing junior.

For Juniors aged 8-11 who desire more comfort, control and additional power should chose a racquet made of graphite. Graphite is a higher performance material and will be more suitable for the competent junior.

Juniors aged 8 - 10 who are relatively new to the game. The aluminium range will offer easier playability for softer balls.

For Juniors aged 7 - 8. Light racquets made for beginners and juniors playing more regularly.

For Juniors aged 4 - 7. Suibtable for beginners.

For Juniors aged up to 4. The lightest and smallest racquet for a Juniors very first racquet.

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